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Just Karate Rules

  • Students should be ready at least 5 minutes before their session starts.
  • All members must show respect by bowing whenever entering or leaving the Dojo.
  • All students must wear a clean white uniform. Beginners without suits should have loose fitting clothing suitable for sport.
  • Wearing of watches or jewellery during class is not permitted.
  • During the lesson please make sure that all mobile phones are turned off.
  • During breaks in the lesson students are allowed drinks which must be consumed at the side of the hall. Please remember to take any bottles away with you.
  • Parents dropping off and picking up children should not leave until their children have booked in at the Dojo, and should arrive back at the Dojo at least 5 minutes before the lesson ends.
  • Children should not leave the Dojo at any time without permission of one of the instructors, and should not leave at the end of the lesson unless a parent or guardian is there to pick them up.

I am aware that karate is a strenuous activity and that it is the responsibility of the applicant (or their parents/guardians) to ensure that they are medically fit to participate. If you are unsure, then you must seek the advice of a medical professional and agree to abide by the Just Karate rules.

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